Romain Asnar

Romain Asnar

Team Leader iOS

Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance


Ever wonder what is the difference between iOS and Android, from a developer point of view? What about gathering on stage two experts and have their points?

They both spent the last year as the team leaders of mobile teams for a big company on the same huge project. The first one is iOS leader while the other one is the Android one. 

How did they manage the project and teams? What was their concerns? What are the difference between Android and iOS?

Let’s explore those questions with them. They’ll talk architecture and system interfaces of course, but they will also share their vision on team organization, communication, spirit, tooling, strategy and several others subjects that impacted them.

Want to see an Android iOS battle? Not against each other’s but in the same war field?

Could be interesting… well, I think, I’ll be there for.

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