Oluwasegun Famisa

Oluwasegun Famisa

Android Engineer



Chances are that you have heard of Kotlin, or perhaps, you have even started adopting Kotlin, or maybe you’re hearing of it for the first time, that’s fine too. This is a talk for everyone.

In this talk, we will look at why we should use Kotlin, what it offers, and how to take Android development to the next level using Kotlin.

With Kotlin being a functional programming language, there are certain concepts that have to be learned and unlearned, we will look at some of these. We will also look at some Kotlin gotchas and how to work around them. As code reviews form an important part of the development process, we will also look at some tips for doing code reviews with what I call the “Kotlin mindset”.

In the course of the talk, we will touch on different language features like extension functions, delegation, deprecated annotation, higher order functions, lambdas, Kotlin collections framework etc. that come in really handy for Android development.

By the end of the talk, you will have learned practic

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