Hrs is excited to talk with android developers at droidcon dubai

We are really excited to be a part of droidcon Dubai and to present our latest open source project called FillTheForm. We have developed a tool that uses the power of Accessibility Service in order to make the app development and testing easier.

EditText fields are essential part of many apps because they allow the users to type text into your app. Let’s assume you have a login screen in your app. Users can login to get more personalized experience. They are happy to have so many new options – like saving various settings, keep everything synced across different devices etc.

But what about the people developing and testing these cool features?
They need to do a lot of login and logout actions to confirm that everything is working. They need to test with various accounts to provide the best quality for different types of users. Sometimes it’s needed to clear the app data or reinstall the app to have a fresh start. That means entering the login data all over again. Usually there are several usernames and passwords every developer/tester needs to remember – and enter correctly in the appropriate EditText fields using the keyboard.
Now imagine a lot of different screens with even more EditText fields. For example, account management screen where user can edit his personal details, payment data, address information etc. It is hard to fill all of these EditText fields using only keyboard.

With FillTheForm you can stop using the keyboard and rather concentrate on the task at hand. In his talk Ivan Jukic will explain how this tool found its place in HRS Android team and helped us to be faster and more efficient. He will also show you how to use it with your projects. You will see that FillTheForm complements the currently available set of UI testing tools like UIAutomator, Espresso etc. instead of trying to replace them. Sounds interesting? You have questions? Join his session and make your development faster – and your life easier!

Ivan Jukic is looking forward to presenting FillTheForm at droidcon Dubai: “I am very excited to meet the local developers and learn about their projects. This is my first visit to Dubai so feel free to share some sightseeing tips with me.”

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